Deck Lid, Coronet/Superbee, 1968, Bolt On

After many request we have completed this hard to find deck lid!!

Ships truck freight
Approximate weight 15 LBS

Quanity Ordered: 1
Deck Lid, Coronet, 1969, Bolt On

Bolt On fiberglass deck lid features detailed underside with reinforcements in hinge and latch areas. Ready to sand, seal, paint and install.

Ships via truck freight


Quanity Ordered: 1
Hood, Coronet, 1968-1969, Six Pack, lift off, heavyweight

Coronet Six Pack hood is made with heavy weight framing so it is more like the original weight of the 6 pak hood. Scoop height is standard Mopar 2.5 inches. Must be installed using hood pins or Dzus fasteners. DOES NOT SEAL TO THE AIR CLEANER!

Please note: This hood has the 1969 grill dip in the front edge of hood. It is not straight across like the 1968.

All products come in a gray gel-coat finish, ready to sand, seal, paint and install with no extra bodywork required.

Ships via truck freight. Approximately 26 lbs

Years: 1968, 1969.

Quanity Ordered: 1
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