About Us

We can help you bring American Muscle back!

Here at AAR Quality Fiberglass we like technology. We use it every day to coordinate the day to day responsibilities of running our family owned business.

However, we prefer to keep the technology outside the shop door. We are a bit more old-fashioned, we use our hands! That’s right; we have no chopper guns, no robots, and no assembly line. Our experienced team takes no shortcuts, makes no compromises, so you get no bull!

Does it take longer to hand build? Absolutely! We sacrifice the time so we don’t have to sacrifice the quality. You get that quality handmade part to complete that baby you’ve been restoring for years. Does it cost a bit more? Of course. The price, well let’s just say it’s worth it! Of course cheaper parts can be found, but that’s usually what you get…cheap parts.

We DO NOT and WILL NOT sell imported fiberglass parts and try to pass it as ASSEMBLED IN AMERICA so we can make a larger profit.

HERE, MADE IN AMERICA means something.

Honestly, you can’t ask for more for than a Quality hand built American made part.

Artie Schricker, Owner/Operator

7 Reasons to shop with us:

  1. ALL parts are hand built to insure quality resin to glass ratio, consistence in laminate thickness. (NO CHOPPER GUNS)
  2. All parts are made with a soft sanding gray gelcoat. This is to reduce the prep time at the body shop which equals less money spent.
  3. All parts are left in the mold for a minimum of 24 hours to insure the resin  cure cycle is achieved before parting the part from the mold which ensures that the part will not change its shape.
  4. Every part goes through a Quality Control process to check for any air voids or any other defects which equals repair eliminated on the customers end and less money spent in prep time.
  5. All sub assembled parts (hoods) are jig fitted while bonding to insure a proper fit every time.
  6. All hardware used in our facility are machined and tapped plates at a machine shop out of ¼ steel plates to insure your hardware has the quality products that you do not see. (No speed nuts imbedded in bondo)
  7. We put a great deal effort to supply a great fitting product, but you should always PREFIT all parts before painting

Yes, there are less expensive products to purchase but remember, the $30.00 price difference you may be saving may not be justified when the prep time at the body shop is 2 hours @ $75.00 an hour due to an improper fitting part. We strive to produce an easy to install product to save you both time and money.

Please take a minute to visit our approved vendor page for any additional parts you need to complete your project. All of our venders have the hard to find parts. Just click on their link.

If you have any question on fiberglass parts, even if you do not purchase ours, feel free to give us a call. Restoring or customizing your dream car should be an enjoyable experience and we are here to assist you.